General Info:

Date: Saturday, August 25th 2012

Venue: Dakota Collegiate

Event Presenting Sponsor: Birchwood Nissan

Birchwood Nissan Sponsor

Other Event Sponsors: T&T Seeds, Winnipeg Goldeyes, Energy 106, Adamson Group, To-Le-Do Foods, Boston Pizza, Randy Lawson, Instaframe, Stefan Savoie Memorial Beach Volleyball Tournament, Great Woods Campground.

Afterparty Location: Boston Pizza (St. Annes Location)

Grand Prize Raffle: Authentic Team Autographed Washington Capital’s Jersey ($700 Instaframe Deluxe Framing Package)


Event Organizing Committee: Martin Adey (Right), Matt Younger (Left), Diana Shaw (Centre)

Matt Younger Diana Shaw Martin Adey 2012


Competitive Division Champions: The Purple Knights (Brent Kolody, Dan Watt, Reave MacKinnon, Justin Guttek, Andrea Kaisaris)

Z IMG_0169

Competitive Division Runners Up: The Road Chimps (Jordan Ficek, Kyle Vincent, Carlyn Schellenberg, Dennis Desrosiers, Bryan Pratt)

Z IMG_0178

Recreational Division Champions: The Cigs (Patrick McInnes, Cory Fabbri, Keegan Lutz, Jarid Burgess, Tim Lakatos)


Total # of Teams: 10 Competitive Teams, 11 Recreational Teams

Total # Event Participants: 96